Company address:

Limas Hygienics

Molenberglei 15
2627 Schelle

Company information:

Limas Hygienics is a pest control company in Antwerpen, Belgium specializing in controlling all kinds of pests, rodents, molds and fungi. It also offers services like cleaning and deep cleaning of kitchens and ventilations.

Product- and service offerings:

Limas Hygienics is a pest control company based in Antwerpen, Belgium specialized in removing and preventing pests, rodents, rats, ants, woodworms,  cockroaches, insects, bedbugs, fungi, molds, etc. from your house and offices. Limas Hygienics  also offers decontamination works, bird control, deep cleaning of kitchen, fumigations, cleaning air ducts, cleaning ventilation system, etc. Limas Hygienics provides an emergency treatment service if the customer is in urgent need or has a sudden demand of treating pests.